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To be recognized globally as the partner of choice for third party accredited certification and audit services in its sector.




As an internationally recognized certification and registration body, we serve our customers by providing reliable and timely services. Our main responsibility is helping our customers to improve their business through effective assessment and certification. We assess, review, verify and certify management systems in a way which adds value to companies.


We provide recognition to professionals who have demonstrative qualifications and can fulfill the registration criteria based on Concord Certification Corp. personnel certification modules.



Company Value


  • We value and trust our people

  • We encourage teamwork and commitment to goals and objectives

  • We value honesty and integrity

  • We practice an open and transparent culture

  • We recognize and reward performance

  • We appreciate enthusiasm and innovation





Concord Certification Corp. is an accredited certification body strives to serve customers through a total commitment to integrity, service excellence and customer satisfaction.


With the involvement of our staff as well as carefully screened, selected and competent subcontractors, we continuously do our utmost to achieve a high level of quality in every activity.


We do our best to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, and consistently exceed their expectations.


A significant aspect of the process of meeting our objectives, involves the establishment and maintenance of a formal Quality Management System. This is the vehicle by which we put in place a pro-active system of standards, processes and audits to ensure that all the services we provide are properly accounted for, documented, handled and filed. This is consistent with our commitment to play a positive role in the certification and registration industry and ensure that we act, and are perceived as, a responsible, trustworthy and integer certification and registration body.


We believe in the principle of openness, while respecting the confidentiality of customers' data and information derived from their clients.

Adherence to the letter as well as the spirit of certification requirements, ISO 17021, is the responsibility of every member of the Concord Certification team.

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