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Quality Management System in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sector (ISO 29001)


Organizations that are active in the supply chain of oil and gas and products of their processing must strive to achieve the requirements of international standard ISO 29001.


The standard ISO 29001 sets out the requirements for quality management systems in supplying products and services in the oil, petrochemical and gas industries and is the extended version of the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001 in relation to the system of quality management in the oil and gas industry. It includes additional requirements taking into account the specifics of the industry and is aimed at the prevention of discrepancies and the reduction of variation for suppliers of products and services. The standard ISO 29001 was developed as a direct result of the partnership between ISO and the representatives of the oil and gas industry.




  • Improved ability to gain license to trade, resulting in increased contracts and prospects

  • Demonstration to stakeholders and customers of your commitment to quality and best practices

  • Better risk management and increased performance

  • Streamlined operations which improve quality and reduce waste

  • Continual improvement having resulted from improved communication and regular assessment


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