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What is 5S?

Five S represents 5 disciplines for maintaining a visual workplace. These are foundational to Kaizen and a manufacturing strategy based "Lean Manufacturing" concepts. Five S is the starting point for improvement activities that ensure our company’s survival.


The Five S program focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization. The results you can expect from a Five S program are: improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety.



The principles underlying a Five S program at first appear to be simple, obvious common sense. And they are. But until the advent of Five S programs many businesses ignored these basic principles.



What types of businesses benefit from a Five S program?

Everyone and all types of business benefit from having a Five S program. Manufacturing and industrial plants come to mind first, as those are the business that can realize the greatest benefits.





  • Improve safety

  • Decrease down time

  • Raise employee morale

  • Identify problems more quickly

  • Develop control through visibility

  • Establish convenient work practices

  • Increase product and process quality

  • Strengthen employees’ pride in their work

  • Promote stronger communication among staff

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